What a load of RUBBISH!

Yesterday, 5A went to Sharston recycling centre to learn all about recycling and how all the different materials are sorted.

Firstly, we listened to what happened at the centre and then we got to experience it ourselves. We were able to take a look at how each item is recycled and where it goes.

After we had our lunch, we had to recycle it into the correct bins. We managed to recycle food waste and paper but we struggled when it came to the plastic. To help us, we needed to think about whether the plastic was a bottle or not. Only the bottles can be recycled.

We then got to guess where different items can be recycled as not all of them can. We looked at how items can be reused by taking them to the charity shop and letting other people have them.

Finally, we got to make bags out of recycled materials.

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