Young Leaders PE Sessions

We are developing our playground leadership skills with the help of staff from Denton Community College. Building our resilience and becoming reflective thinkers will help us both inside and outside the classroom! We also played some verbal and non-verbal communication games to sharpen our communication skills.

Building the Iron Man

We used our printed parts and tools to construct some intimidating iron men! We used these as an inspiration for some brilliant instructions writing.


Descriptive Writing

In English, we are about to write our first narrative. Today, we looked at how we could open our narrative with descriptive language. Can you work out what our success criteria was?

Made with Padlet


After receiving our new iPad’s, we looked up ways of improving our vocabulary by finding synonyms for overused words. How do you think we did?

Sorting Materials

To begin our Science topic, we looked at a range of different materials and worked together to sort them into different categories.

Iron Man

To begin our Iron Man topic, we carved the Iron Man’s head in preparation for painting and printing.

We then selected a range of metallic colours to paint our head and print them onto black and white paper.

After that, we sketched the Iron Man and shaded him in using a range of techniques.  Can you identify any of them?

We then had the opportunity to print a range of tools and put them together to create our own Iron Man.

For our English work, we were looking at writing instructions. To begin, we tested various instructions on how to make a paper plane and evaluated them to help us see which instructions were the easiest to read and follow. This would then help us to write our own set later on in the unit.