This week, we are looking at poetry and all the different features we could include. To begin the unit, we have looked at Fireworks and how we can make visual poems. Have a look at our drafts below. What do you think?

Dragons’ Den!

5H and 5A have been busy creating, marketing and selling their own recycled products! Inspired by what we learnt on our trip to the recycling plant, we’ve taken items that can’t normally be recycled and turned them into incredible creations.

Lego Coding

This week, we had a visitor in 5A who showed us how to use our new Lego coding kits. We are really excited to use them after half term to create Space projects.

Here are some videos of our amazing work!

Recycled Item Homework

Just a quick reminder that Year 5’s ‘recycled item’ homework (creating a decorative object, tool or piece of clothing from recyclable materials) is due in on Monday. Please bring your recycled creations with you!

Sustainable Living

As part of our science and geography work, we’ve started to look at what ‘sustainable living’ means. We watched the following videos and discussed what it means to live in a ‘sustainable’ way.

Then we set off on a reading trail to learn more about different aspects of sustainability – we looked at energy, transport, food and waste.

Let’s buy books!

As a conclusion to our work on addition and subtraction, we were let loose with a Russell Scott ordering form and an online book catalogue! We were given a budget of £200 and had to use our written addition and subtraction skills to work out the total cost of our books and find out how much remained at the end. We discussed a great range of strategies, and many of us found different ways to the same solution! That’s mathematical thinking in action!

The two pairs who came closest to the £200 total got to select their favourite book from the list to buy for the class. That’s two new additions to our (burgeoning) book corner!

Line Graphs

5H have been busy reading, interpreting and creating line graphs this week. We began our studies by creating some large scale line charts. They were based on data we had uncovered earlier in the week on recycling statistics in the UK, which we had been investigating as part of our Geography work!

We’re currently thinking about questions to ask each other about these graphs. What questions could you ask about the data we found?